Handmade one of a kind with LOVE

Most of you know me for my eccentric healing booth at music festivals.Below are pics of some products, adventures, booth  photos at festivals. I always have a wonderful tribe of people with me ready to bring you pure goodness in its many forms.

This online business is a new adventure for me. I got a little carried away with the possibilities and I am in awe of its capabilities. With that said I really only have control over the products I create with my loving reiki energy. They are still absolutely guarenteed. I will always fix or replace item to the best of my ability. If you find your item is broke in anyway after you have been partying please dont ask for a refund i am a single mom of 5 kids. With the other stuff i will fight for your refund or discontinue carrying that company anymore. 

I am ever so grateful for you stopping by and being part of my dream. Love and light forever and always